PEX Cards. All purchases for the production must be made using the appropriate Levoy Theatre purchasing (PEX) cards issued for each show. No reimbursements will be issued for ANY purchases made using cash or any other personal means of payment, unless approved in advance of the purchase by the Producer. Charges should also not be directly invoiced to the theater on net purchasing agreements. This is to streamline and simplify management of expenses and show budgets.

  • Production team members will be issued PEX cards based on need and budget.
  • PEX Cards can be issued as digital (can be used online or in Apple Pay / Android Pay / Samsung Pay / etc) or digital and physical card.
  • You are responsible for your PEX card and for the funds available on that PEX card. Protect this card like it is cash.
  • Receipts must be received and turned in for every purchased made.

PEX App. Every PEX cardholder will be sent an invite to access the PEX app.  

  • Access digital PEX card.
  • View available card balance.
  • View spending rules associated with your card.
  • View your personal transaction history.
  • Request additional card funds.
  • Tag purchases with budget categories.
  • Upload and link pictures of receipts with transactions.

Receipts. Clear and legible digital copies of receipts are required for every purchase made on your PEX card. For in-person purchases, this is as simple as taking a picture of the receipt and uploading it to the appropriate transaction inside the PEX app or website. For online purchases, you may upload a PDF or take a screenshot of a receipt email and attach it to the appropriate transaction inside the PEX app or website. If for any reason you have issues while uploading your receipt to PEX, or if you have lost or didn’t receive a receipt, please contact Sean Pedrick (856-625-3431, sean@levoy.net).

Tax Exemption. The Levoy Theatre is a 501c3 non-profit organization and is therefore exempt from sales tax. All purchases should be placed as tax exempt.


  •  Most vendors, especially online vendors, will accept a standard NJ ST-5 form.